The Preservation Worcester Holiday Stroll 2014, in the Hammond Heights Neighborhood of Worcester, was a Great Success

I was privileged to be the co-chair and a sponsor of the annual Holiday Stroll for 2014 which is a tour of noteworthy homes in Worcester each year. The neighborhoods vary year by year, and are chosen for their historic and/or architectural prominence. Typically, in Worcester, history and architecture go hand-in-hand and we are very lucky to live in a city with such wonderful examples of architectural diversity. It is one of the core values of Preservation Worcester to promote the awareness of these structures, and educate the public on their importance and beauty;  I feel the Holiday Stroll has a significant value in that regard.

The stroll took place this year in the Hammond Heights neighborhood which was originally part of the John Hammond farm. We were very lucky to have the Hammond’s original house on the tour, seated on it’s prominent knoll at the corner of Westland Street. The neighbors decorated their homes beautifully and we are grateful to those that opened their homes to our members and visitors on the stroll. Carolers joined us from WPI and Notre Dame Academy, Bancroft Tower was opened by Park Spirit and the fireplaces were lit. Veterans Inc hosted our cocktail party following the stroll at the beautiful Armory, with Trina Vargas performing, Steven Higgans and Thomas Spears accompanying her. It was a great event!

I am proud to be a board member of Preservation Worcester and to volunteer my time to such a noteworthy cause.

Please enjoy the following photo’s from the Holiday Stroll