How Buyer Agency and Allen Greenman work for you:

It is to your advantage to have an advocate protect your interests and provide professional advice while managing your purchase process. I represent either the buyer or seller, never both. My job is to look out for your interests specifically and make the home-buying process as painless as possible. Committing to buying a house, while exciting, can induce anxiety. Part of my expertise, as you’ll see in my reviews, is calmly walking you through the process; hand in hand.

Buyer Agency means I am selected by the purchaser to represent them. In this capacity I:
  • Help you navigate the marketplace, provide MLS access and critical analyses of potential homes. In that critical analysis we also go through the neighborhood, analyzing what the market looks like as it surrounds you.
  • Identify potential problems with a home during our walk-through and alert you early on what to expect and recommend a 3rd party for help if need-be. Think of me as a “pre-inspector.” This helps form our offer to purchase and leaves less to chance negotiations post home-inspection.
  • Guide you after a home has been selected through the offer negotiation, home inspection and aide in obtaining any further quotes for work needed to be done.
  • Advise throughout the process and facilitate by:
    – Recommending financial lenders, attorneys, home inspectors & other services that are needed. I only work with tried and true resources.
    – My goal is to hold your hand as much as needed, and provide the resources to ensure your purchase closes on time and to your satisfaction.
    – Managing paperwork and document-flow throughout the transaction to expedite the process. You will have access to your documents through DotLoop – our digital signature platform, for convenience and archival purposes.